Monday, October 19, 2009

Iframe Gadget

The Iframe gadget lets you embed any web page within a wave. It's as simple as that.

Gadget URL:
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Rssybot is a robot that will let you read you RSS feeds as waves.  It also recognizes when multiple users are following the same feeds, and will not check the RSS server for a feed for each person, rather check once, and push the same info out to each user. This lightens the load on the RSS servers a LOT.

Bot URL:
Project URL:

Polling Gadget

A simple poll gadget, with the option to add answers to the poll.

Gadget URL:


Emoticony is a robot that will convert any smiley face typed, such as :) or :'(, into a smiley face.

Bot URL:
Project URL:


Gadgets are XML, well, gadgets that you may embed in a wave. They can be fun, or useful, or both, and can be added from the formatting bar, by URL.


Robots are google wave chat participants that are not indeed human. They can listen in for certain key words, which can trigger actions. Also, AI robots may try participating in wave conversations. I say try, because so far, they fail.